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Jam & Marmalade Gift Pack


The perfect gift for lovers of jams and marmalades. A variety of unique Australian flavours for your morning toast or crumpets!

Pack includes: Tahitian Lime & Blueberry Marmalade, Strawberry & Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Jam and Orange & Macadamia Nut Marmalade

Sold By: Spurrell Foraging



Japanese Morning Dew is a Sencha green tea with a natural fruit flavour, touched with the essence of passionfruit flowers, marigold petals and rose petals. Aromatic and delicately fruity on the palate.

Sold By: Olinda Tea House

Jersey Cow & Daisies Earrings


Jersey Cow and Daisies

The perfect Spring pick me up for someone who just loves a bit of fun, Jersey Cows and of course, Daisies.

These earrings are super light to wear, you tend to forget they are there even at 50mm in size.

50mm Sublimated Aluminum Disc  with Sterling Silver 16mm Hoops.

Artwork is a Collaboration of Black Cat Studio Art and Helene F Campbell

© 2020 Black Cat Studio Art     © 2020 Helene F Campbell


Australian Recycled Sterling Silver, Hoops, Made in Australia.

The Discs are 100% Aluminum, and can be fully recycled..


Sold By: Tall Trees Studio

Kookaberry 3 Berry Jam


A combination of our berry jam in one irresistible package of Strawberries, Blackberries,& Raspberries combine to create a jam that always wows! with the perfect amount of tartness and real fruit flavour and texture. A hit to add to scrumptious muffins, scones and hot buttered slices of toast.

Sold By: Kookaberry Farm

Kookaberry Blueberry Jam


Made from local blueberries. Enjoy on a bagel with cream cheese.  It is delicious and full of fruit pieces. We love it on our morning oats or crumpets. For those times when you are looking to impress try pairing this Blueberry Jam with Scones and Cream. A hit for any occasion!

Sold By: Kookaberry Farm

Kookaberry Boysenberry Jam


One of the more exotic berries, Boysenberry has a lovely fruity aroma and taste .  A truly refined and classic sumptuous flavour.  Definitely harder to come by in any store and worth seeking out. One to savour!

Sold By: Kookaberry Farm

Kookaberry Christmas Bon Bons


In order to help you prepare for the festive season we have Kookaberry BON BONS!


Each BON BON contains 2 x 45g Kookaberry Berry Farm Jams in two different flavours. These are the perfect gift for teachers, friends, Kris Kringle, stocking fillers and Christmas table decorations, order now to avoid disappointment.



Sold By: Kookaberry Farm

Kookaberry Fig Jam


This perfect blend of Fresh figs is of delicious taste, pinkish hue colour, fragrant aroma. Fig Jam is always a treat for toast, scones, muffins. accompaniment to a cheese platter. This Fig Jam always delivers!

Sold By: Kookaberry Farm