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Habituel Single Origin

Our single origin coffee changes regularly. Currently, we are roasting (and serving) Sitio Canaã, which means “The Promised Land”, this farm lies outside the small town of Piatã in the region of Chapada Diamantina in the heart of Bahia, Brazil. Pitã is a unique coffee growing region with high altitudes and temperatures that vary from 2 °C to 18 °C in the winter. These elements along with the rich soils result in the production of high quality coffee which is very bright, floral, transparent, complex and distinctive. The hot days and cool nights provide the ideal conditions for slow cherry maturation, giving time for natural sugars to develop, resulting in a sweet and complex cup.

This farm is owned and managed by Kleumon Silva Moreira, who has been working alongside Antônio Rigno for the past 10 years learning everything from how to plant and care for the trees to processing. The 10 hectare plot of land has a wide range of varieties planted including; Topázio, Catuaí,  Obata, Acauã, Paraiso, Arrara and Bourbon. The cherries are hand picked when fully ripe and then also carefully pulped by hand.

This coffee has characteristics of red apple, dried apricot and caramelised pineapple.  Chocolate and roasted hazelnuts on the finish, with great balance and sweetness.

Our coffee is roasted in a special prototype 20kg Buhler AG coffee roaster. Dubbed the RoastMaster, this high-tech machine roasts coffee beans in hot air while rotating in a drum, rather than externally heating the drum. The result is a more even and controllable roast with no charring of the bean. We roast a couple of times a week and you can see all the action as it takes pride of place.


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