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80cm Colourful Flowers


Bright and joyful colourful flowers to brighten up your garden.

80cm tall (approx.) by 22cm wide

You are welcome to come to my home studio in Hurstbridge and pick the colours you would like from my garden.

Otherwise, if I am posting/delivering, please make sure you specify which colours you would like.  Choose from pink, turquoise, red, yellow and purple.

Sold By: Forging Ahead

Gymea Lily


Gymea Lily 2.4m tall by 1.8m wide.

This Gymea Lily has a beautiful red top, and leaves that naturally move in the wind.

These are made to order and take approx.8-12wks to produce.

Delivery in Melbourne included in the price.

Sold By: Forging Ahead

Jersey Cow & Daisies Earrings


Jersey Cow and Daisies

The perfect Spring pick me up for someone who just loves a bit of fun, Jersey Cows and of course, Daisies.

These earrings are super light to wear, you tend to forget they are there even at 50mm in size.

50mm Sublimated Aluminum Disc  with Sterling Silver 16mm Hoops.

Artwork is a Collaboration of Black Cat Studio Art and Helene F Campbell

© 2020 Black Cat Studio Art     © 2020 Helene F Campbell


Australian Recycled Sterling Silver, Hoops, Made in Australia.

The Discs are 100% Aluminum, and can be fully recycled..


Sold By: Tall Trees Studio

Rainbow Heart Garden Stakes, set of 5


Colourful heart garden stakes, perfect to brighten up your garden.

The only garden stakes you will ever need.  You can choose your colours from pink, turquoise, yellow, red and purple or receive one of each colour in your set.  Please message me if you wish to choose your colours, or you will receive a mixed set of one of each colour.

These garden stakes come in a set of 5, and are perfect for the garden bed, or veggie patch. The heart is on top of a 6mm, 80cm metal pole, so will not break after a season. They can be used over and over again.

They are the perfect size to loop through chicken wire to protect those special plants from pests.

Pick up from Hurstbridge or delivery available in Melbourne


Sold By: Forging Ahead

Single Upright Flower


A special Christmas gift for that special person in your life.

Each hand made flower is unique.

It stands at approx. 50cm tall and 15cm wide.

You can choose to have the flower unpainted or choose from yellow, red, pink, turquoise and purple.

These flowers can be for indoor or outdoor use. If used outdoors the steel will slowly rust to a deep red over time.

Pick up from Hurstbridge or delivery is available.

Sold By: Forging Ahead

Triangular leaf Birdbath base, with Orange pottery bowl by Grub Pottery



Triangular leaf Birdbath base, with Orange pottery bowl by Grub Pottery 

Triangular birdbath base, with hand cut leaves.  You can place a light underneath to highlight the design.  Base is made from mild steel and is naturally rusted.  The height of the base is approx. 85cm x 15cm.


The Orange birdbath bowl is 56cm wide, hand built with Raku clay and Orange Glaze

Dimensions approx. 90cm tall x 56cm wide

Weight 10kg

Sold By: Forging Ahead

Tulips, set of 3


Tulips 1.2m, 1.45m, 1.7m.

These tulips will brighten up your garden all year round. Brilliant for using as garden stakes in the veggie patch.

Can be purchased individually at $55, $60, $65.

Pick up from Hurstbridge or delivery can be arranged.

Tulips have coloured stamen, choose from Pink, Yellow, Red, Turquoise, Purple. Please make sure you specify which colour you would like when ordering.

Sold By: Forging Ahead